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We are a leading global construction group

We provide construction management and engineering services for residential and
commercial buildings, specializing on structural steel buildings. 

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Building new futures

Established in 1993, the parent company provides steel structure construction services for residential, commercial, industrial, and government sectors. The parent company operates under the Mahan Steel Development Group, a company that specializes in the design, construction, and installation of metal structures. Over the years, the parent company completed several projects including the construction of metal skeletons of high-rise buildings, ceiling cranes with 2 to 35 tons capacity, and pedestrian bridges. We built our brand through numerous successful projects in Iran and intends to achieve the same level of success in Canada.

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We envision ourselves to be the leading provider of construction management and engineering services for residential and commercial construction firms in British Columbia, specializing on structural steel buildings, by providing cost-effective, time-efficient, high-quality, and sustainable services while strictly adhering to Canadian industry standards and global industry best practices and adapting industry innovations.

We expand our innovation within the construction organization and generate profit for investors, subcontractors, and other partners.

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Post-Construction Management

Construction Management

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We provide total customer satisfaction by focusing on the delivery of efficient, reliable, and sustainable construction management services.